The Old Rectory: escape to a Country Kitchen

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What’s the book about?

When author Julia Ibbotson and her husband first saw the old Victorian rectory in dire need of renovation, a mile out of the nearest village in the midst of the English moorlands, they fell in love with it and the lifestyle it represented, with its farmhouse kitchen range at its heart. This delightful memoir describes the trials and tribulations of their quest to make their vision come true.

They hoped they could make the sad, neglected house glow again and that they could integrate themselves into the small traditional village, with its cottages, hall and outlying farms. The Old Rectory focuses on the centrality of the kitchen as the pulse of the family and home, and shows the importance of food and cooking throughout the changing seasons, history and moods of the countryside as the couple strive to live the dream.

Acclaimed award-winning memoir:

Winner of the 2012 London Book Festival, biography category

Honourable Mention at New England, Paris and New York Book Festivals 2012, 2013

Five stars on and and on international reviews:

The book is a wonderful blend of personal story   (one so many of us can identify with), enchantingly told, with recipes that   just beg to be created in an urban or country kitchen. It all spreads   happiness. Lovely! (Bel Mooney, author & journalist, Daily Mail, UK)

A delightful read. I urge you to sip a cup of tea   and sit by the fireplace. You won’t get up until you finish this charming   book…A most talented writer  (Nancy Mills, USA)

In this beautiful tale of love, dreams and hidden   gems, Julia includes comforting recipes along with delightful anecdotes   (Vicky DeCoster, author) 

Anyone who has an interest in renovations, family   life, historical research, delicious recipes galore … will want to get their   hands on a copy of this  inspirational tale that offers many delightful   surprises (Carol Hoenig, USA).

What a jewel this book is… truly a delight..a   great writer..a delightful read…I loved it!..when will the sequel be   available? (Peggy Fellouris, author, USA)

My friend is going to have to buy her own copy of   “The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen” as I am definitely keeping   this one for myself (Deb Shunamon, USA)

“a truly engaging book” (judges’   comment for the award Winner of the biography/autobiography category at the   London Book Festival, January 2013)

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