Tips on writing, publishing, social media and why I love antiques and history – live radio show today

You can find the recording of the live radio show (aired this morning) at the link below. It was a great session and a very interesting experience – all adds to life’s rich pattern. There were laughs, tips, ideas – and sharing the fun and hard work of writing creatively. Why did I write my book The Old Rectory, what is different about it from the usual memoir? Did I try out all the recipes, will I write a follow-up memoir, what am I writing now? Where do I write? Why can’t I share a study with my husband? What advantage is there in social media for the writer? What has facebook and twitter done for me?

All this and more – tune in to the recording of the live radio show this morning as we talk across the Atlantic. The link is below, just click and you can hear the entire interview:

I really enjoyed my radio interview today and the time sped by so quickly. Janice Ross is a remarkable interviewer – it was all like a chat with friends over coffee. Afterwards I thought of other areas I would have liked to talk about too: my own reading, which books I like, my advice for hesitant new writers, what a good relationship with your editor, publisher and publicist can do – do you need an editor and publicist? I could have talked all day (but that’s just me!) – but  I’ll keep all these for a show next year on my new novel Drumbeats. Hopefully Janice will interview me again on its launch and Sharon (Fiction Addiction BookTours)  will coordinate a global virtual book blog tour for me. Watch out for it.

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