Radio show interview in the US: how to get the feel for another time and place.

What a lovely chat with the wonderful Janice Ross yesterday on US blogtalkradio show, Saturday Cultural Cocktails! The hour flew by so quickly. We talked about my new book Drumbeats which is due out in the next couple of weeks and will be available through Amazon in paperback and ebook formats. Because it’s set in Ghana (West Africa) in the 1960s we talked about preparation for writing, ie research, and how to become immersed in the atmosphere of a book so that you can write authentically. We talked about my “little box of tricks”, tips for writers, and the fine line between fiction and reality. Do I log in the back of my mind places and people I meet so that I can use them in my novels? Well, maybe, but they have a habit of changing and going their own way as I write. Hear more if you click on the link below …


3 thoughts on “Radio show interview in the US: how to get the feel for another time and place.

    • Hi Thom, had a quick glance at your website (great!) in the midst of my writing day – currently a children’s book based on the parallel/quilted universe theory, which I must get finished before the hols. If you get the chance (and have an hour to waste) do listen to the radio show: transporting yourself to another time and place (in this case the 1960s and Ghana), the fine line between creativity and reality, being a tourist or an observer of real lives, etc, etc! Well, I thought it was fun! Do check out my facebook pages too. You may like the African drum stuff in Drumbeats and I may ask to pick your brains with my new novel that has a jazz pianist in an important role! (and that’s the longest reply I’ve ever done!)

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