Radio show today!


Would someone tell me why I have struggled to put my hair in a glam up-do, out on full make-up, draped a scarf elegantly around my neck, and doused myself liberally in Chanel no 5? I’m on the RADIO, for heaven’s sake! Today – ahhh, very soon – at 1.00 UK time (BST), 8.00am EST, I’m being interviewed LIVE on American radio by Janice Ross on Cultural Cocktails. With me will be my publicist Sharon Goodwin who led my global online blog tour this August, so it should be an interesting and lively chat. I think it’s about two hours and I’ve no idea what the plan is, or what Janice will talk about! So I’m in the dark as well! The link’s below and there will be a podcast which I’ll post on my blog afterwards (assuming nothing catastrophic happens! Who knows?). Well, here goes….