Happy Valentine’s Day

holding onlove in a rainy street

Happy Valentine’s and I hope that those of you in relationships are having a lovely day. My husband and I went for a wonderful walk from our house – beautiful sunshine although a very chill wind! One or two friends have posted on Facebook that the day is crummy because it was a pagan festival taken over by Christianity and St Valentine somehow linked to it. But after all, Christmas is the same and if we felt that way we would rule out most of the jolly celebrations of the year. I love all celebrations which were, of course, whether pagan or not, designed to cheer people up, especially in the long cold winters of northern/western Europe. And anything that’s for love and romance is fine by me! Of course we need to express our love every day but what’s the harm in having a “special” day for it too?

However, I do think of those without a special someone on Valentine’s. That’s sad, and I sympathise and empathise, because I was one of those folks for years after my first husband left the family and I was struggling to bring up my daughters alone. But I never felt that nobody else should be happy and romantic, that everyone else should be alone and sad too! So, to all those feeling bad today – your time will come and things WILL get better, believe me. And love to all xP1010494

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